Ink Press
Thickness: 12 mil
Brightness: 95%
Weight: 330 gsm

Inkpress Pro Gloss coated with Pro SuperDry technology, offers a perfect high gloss, unchanged in printed and unprinted areas when using pigmented or dye inks.

Consistent reproduction of hue, saturation and brightness, print after print, is the promise we've built into our Inkpress Pro assortment. Your images come into their own with our media.

As Jon Canfield puts it:

" customers love the look of the Silky and Gloss papers. I've used a number of different papers, but none beat the quality of the Inkpress Pro media."


  • High saturation with dye and pigmented inks
  • Homogeneous high gloss in printed and unprinted areas
  • Excellent chromatic reproduction and huge tonal range
  • True color fidelity, especially skin tones
  • Outstanding black & white reproduction
  • High D-max and perfect grey balance
  • High contrast due to bright base and dense black
  • Perfect Shadows and fine-line detail






 Epson 2400

Glossy photo paper

Epson 4800

Photo paper Glossy 250

 Epson 3800/1900

Glossy photo paper

 Epson 1900/2400

Glossy photo paper

Epson /7800/9800/2880/1400/2200

PR.Glossy paper

 Epson 4880/7880/9880

Glossy photo paper

Epson 7900/9900
Ultra Premium Glossy / PK

Epson 1400/800

glossy photo paper

Epson 4000

Prm.semi matte

Epson R200/220/380/7880

glossy paper

Epson 4000

glossy paper

Epson 1280

Glossy paper

Canon 9900/9500(saturation)/3500

Glossy 2

Epson 2200

Glossy paper

 Canon iPF 5000

Glossy paper

Canon iPF 5100/6100

HP B9180/8850 
glossy paper

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